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Personalized support for opiate addiction. Innovative healing programs. Brighter future.

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Experience hope and healing with our personalized medication-assisted treatment for opiate addiction.

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Specialized expertise for individuals grappling with heroin addiction and substance abuse.

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Our Suboxone Treatment Program provides confidential and affordable care for heroin and painkiller addiction.

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South Dayton Recovery is where dedicated professionals, specializing in family practice and mental health services, provide compassionate care and support. Get the support you need to finally overcome addictions to heroin, opiates, and painkillers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Suboxone Therapy Take?

Treatment time varies, with patients ideally being on medication for 10-12 months before starting the tapering process. Fully tapering off takes an additional 6-8 months on average. However, we support longer treatment if needed.

How is My Progress Monitored

Methadone and Suboxone treatments are vastly different, but patients can switch from a methadone treatment program to a Suboxone program.

How Often Do I Need To See You?
Most patients will be seen once a month. There are exceptions The exceptions to this are your first visit, and if any issues arise during your treatment.