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At South Dayton Recovery & Addiction Services, we provide tailored solutions for overcoming addictions to substances such as heroin and opiate painkillers. Our team of Suboxone doctors and dedicated professionals is committed to designing a personalized rehab program that aligns with your unique needs, offering the best possible chance of success on your journey to addiction recovery.

Our integrated approach combines drug counseling and addiction therapy during the same visit, eliminating the hassle of scheduling multiple appointments. Additionally, our medical team can conveniently prescribe Suboxone and provide counseling during your appointment. Should you require further counseling services, we also assist in connecting you with suitable resources.

No insurance is accepted for office visits, but insurance is accepted for medication.

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South Dayton Recovery & Addiction Services

We Are Proud To Offer:

  • No Waiting Lists: Instant Access to Care
  • Experienced and Compassionate Team: Dedicated Professionals with Proven Expertise in Opioid Addiction Recovery
  • Affordable Suboxone Treatment: Truly Accessible Plans
  • Integrated Care: Simultaneous Doctor Consultation and Addiction Counseling for Time and Cost Efficiency
  • Discreet and Welcoming Facility: Conveniently Located Off I-75, Providing a Supportive and Confidential Setting
If you are committed to reclaiming your life and breaking free from the grip of heroin, painkillers, and other opioids, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (937) 800-4357. Schedule an appointment today and embark on your journey to recovery with that crucial first step.

Experience Time Efficiency and Convenience

At Our Fee for Service Clinic

The Fee for Service program offers a daily cost of just $7*, making it a cost-effective option. What sets this program apart is the significant time savings it affords you. Unlike other programs that necessitate frequent clinic visits and counseling sessions, our Fee for Service program requires only one monthly visit*. During this visit, you will complete all necessary requirements, including urine drug testing, counseling, and a doctor's appointment.

While insurance coverage suits certain individuals, we firmly advocate for the Suboxone treatment program that offers greater accessibility and follow-up, ultimately leading to higher success rates.

helping a family member with addiction

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The most challenging step is taking the first one! It will become more manageable!

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our Dayton Suboxone Doctor at 937-800-HELP (4357) and embark on your journey towards recovery!

*Establishing Expectations: In the initial month, you will make four separate visits to South Dayton Recovery & Addiction Services, with a total expenditure of $260. Subsequently, the second month necessitates two visits, while every subsequent month involves just one visit, priced at $200. Following the induction phase, the majority of patients find that a monthly visit is sufficient to fulfill the program’s requirements.