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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we strive to provide you with valuable insights and answers to common questions related to substance abuse, addiction, treatment options, and recovery.

What Are Heroin and Its Risky Cutting Agents?

Most of us know Heroin as a very powerful, illegal and life-taking drug that has completely taken over the streets and many peoples lives, but what most don’t know is that it is a street drug and opiate, derived from morphine. 

What Are the Tools for Recovery and Necessary Skills?

The road to recovery is a long and winding one, but the one thing that it is not, is impossible. With the right support, recovery is possible for everyone! The first step is creating a new life where addiction has absolutely no place. 

Why Will New Year's Resolutions Change Your Life?

With 2019 here to stay, why wait to make a change, a better you is just one decision away! We get it, New Year resolutions are some of the most stressful goals to set for your self when it comes to a better you and living a better lifestyle every year, but they don’t have to be!

Should You Be Concerned About Fentanyl in Dayton?

“Dayton man sentenced for distributing fentanyl – Dayton Daily News”
“Convicted drug dealer charged in case with ‘buck naked’ fentanyl” – Dayton Daily News

Suboxone Therapy - How Long Will It Take?

Everyone is different. The time in treatment varies from patient to patient.

Isn't Suboxone Just Replacing One Addiction With Another?

We often hear this question from concerned family members and patients, but we most certainly do not see it that way. Nor do the patients we treat.

Is Methadone Treatment The Same?

Methadone and Suboxone treatments are vastly different, but patients can switch from a methadone treatment program to a Suboxone program.

How is My Progress Monitored?

Progress of our patients is tracked through monthly appointments with both the counselor and physician.

Suboxone Appointments - How Often Do I Need To See You?

Most patients will be seen once a month. There are exceptions The exceptions to this are your first visit, and if any issues arise during your treatment.

Pain Medication and Suboxone - What Happens If I Need Pain Meds (Dentist, Surgery, etc)?

If you need pain medications for a procedure or surgery, then we will work closely with your other providers. Having this concern is a very good sign!

Is Suboxone Itself An Addictive Drug?

In the wrong hands, any opioid based medication can become addictive or abused. So the short answer is yes!

Suboxone Dosage - What If I Miss A Dose?

After being on Suboxone for a period of time, it is not unusual to lose track of your dosing. For one thing, you forget because you’re feeling better. It may be a sign that you’re ready to taper your dosages.

Are There SIDE EFFECTS Associated With Suboxone?

All medications come with side effects. Suboxone is no different. Neither are the medications you’re trying to come off of!

RISK - Are There Risks of Suboxone Use?

All medications also have risks. The primary risks of Suboxone are related to your liver if you have hepatitis, and to your unborn child if you are female and become pregnant while in treatment.

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