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Suboxone Treatment Program

Our Suboxone Treatment Program provides confidential and affordable care for heroin and painkiller addiction.

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Choosing the Right Program

Selecting the most suitable addiction recovery program is crucial for a successful journey towards sobriety, taking into account factors such as program expenses, therapy duration, and ease of adherence.

Our clinic follows a Fee for Service model, differentiating it from clinics that accept insurance for office visits. In an Insurance Clinic, office visits are covered by insurance, typically allowing for 8-18 visits per month, often including up to 16 counseling sessions. However, insurance coverage for prescription medications may vary.

In contrast, at our Fee for Service Clinic, patients bear the cost of office visits, typically requiring one visit per month after the induction phase, which includes counseling sessions. Similar to an Insurance Clinic, prescription medication coverage varies based on individual insurance plans.

Experience Time Efficiency and Convenience

At Our Fee for Service Clinic

The Fee for Service program offers a daily cost of just $7*, making it a cost-effective option. What sets this program apart is the significant time savings it affords you. Unlike other programs that necessitate frequent clinic visits and counseling sessions, our Fee for Service program requires only one monthly visit*. During this visit, you will complete all necessary requirements, including urine drug testing, counseling, and a doctor's appointment.

While insurance coverage suits certain individuals, we firmly advocate for the Suboxone treatment program that offers greater accessibility and follow-up, ultimately leading to higher success rates.

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The most challenging step is taking the first one! It will become more manageable!

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*Establishing Expectations: In the initial month, you will make four separate visits to South Dayton Recovery & Addiction Services, with a total expenditure of $260. Subsequently, the second month necessitates two visits, while every subsequent month involves just one visit, priced at $200. Following the induction phase, the majority of patients find that a monthly visit is sufficient to fulfill the program’s requirements.