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Should You Be Concerned About Fentanyl in Dayton?

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Man holding clear plastic packet with substance.

Just look at some of the headlines…

“Dayton man sentenced for distributing fentanyl – Dayton Daily News”

“Convicted drug dealer charged in case with ‘buck naked’ fentanyl” – Dayton Daily News

“Mass-Casualty Event: Ohio County Now Tops U.S. In Overdose…NBC News”

Is there a way to detect fentanyl in heroin?

Although certain individuals have built up a tolerance to opioids, even small traces of fentanyl can be deadly.

Many people are scared and have been asking, “Is there a way to tell if fentanyl has been mixed in with what I’m using?”

Being scared during this fentanyl epidemic is an appropriate response. There is no way to detect fentanyl in heroin powder or any other type of drug. Fentanyl is 50 to 100 percent more potent than heroin, varying on the purity. For example, a typical “bag” would contain 100 mg of heroin, and if 20 percent was substituted with fentanyl, you would be receiving 2,000 mg of heroin, which is a lethal dose.

Regardless of your knowledge of the substance, it is impossible to correctly measure fentanyl powder without scientific instruments, equipped to measure it.

Do not gamble with your life, it is not worth the payout. If you choose to take this deadly risk, please do not use alone. Use clean needles, and always have naloxone nearby to attempt a reversal of an overdose. Some pharmacies now sell naloxone without a prescription.

If you or someone you know are currently addicted and want to receive treatment, especially in opioid addiction, help is available. Call Dayton Recovery today, and start the beginning of the rest of your life!